Histria Soler


Is this whole situation giving you anxiety? I’m not a psychologist or anything similar but we are in the same boat, I feel you. Your mental health is as important as the health of your body. If you… Read More

Life update!

It’s been so long since you last heard from me on here, so I thought that before any other post, you deserved a quick update about my life. I spend most of last year In the Dominican Republic,… Read More

Tropical Smoothie 🏝🌺

Yayyy it’s Monday!!!! New week, new day, new beginnings… I woke up early and started off my day with a yoga class. Then went back home and mixed up some fruits to create this delicious and creamy smoothie… Read More

3 Reasons to drink coconut water 🥥🌴

Mature, ripe or young coconuts I just love them. They are delicious 🤤 and have so many benefits !!! I’m pretty sure that if you either do a research or ask your doctor you will find out how… Read More

Gratitude Jar

Happy New Years everyone!!!! I woke up to 2019 feeling very grateful, so I decided to make a gratitude jar. Wondering what that is? I’ll say it’s a jar filled with positive thoughts, feelings, situations…etc. that have made… Read More


Paris, Paris, Paris…what can I say?, Although I love the city, I had a very “interesting” experience. I woke up very late, wore a red dress in the name of self love and took myself to a lunch… Read More