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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey hey hey!!!! I hope you all are having a good time, and if you are not, I have the perfect recipe that will fix that for you. This is my favorite vegan chocolate chips cookies recipe, i… Read More

10 Powerful Foods to Boots your Immune System

Hey hey hey, happy Earth Day!! So I thought that to celebrate mother nature, today I would share with you a list of 10 easy to find foods that will help you boost your immune system during these… Read More

Sautéed Veggie Bowl

IMPORTANTE: por favor desliza hacia abajo si deseas leer en español. Hey hey hey!!! How are you all doing?, You didn’t ask but I’m well😜, and back with a new recipe. I created this one in a day… Read More

Vegetables & Fruits Salad

A friend of mine recently shared this recipe with me and I immediately thought I had to pass it on. I love the freshness, the colors, the taste of this salad. Here is the recipe and I hope… Read More

Fruit Punch Smoothie

Hey hey hey!!! How are y’all doing today??? As you might have noticed I am a big fan of smoothies. This time I made a “fruit punch smoothie”, it turns out to taste great, so here’s the recipe… Read More

Vegan Zucchini Cream

Hey Hey hey!!! It is the vegetables and fruits predator again!. Now to share with you one of the obessions I have had lately; Vegan Zucchini cream !!! This is a very versatile recipe. Since zucchini is a… Read More

Vegan Soursop mousse

Hey guys!!!☀️ I am so exited to share with you this new recipe of mine. It only contains 3 ingredients, it is very simple to make and such a deliciousness!!! If you are in the USA I usually… Read More

Dominican Mangú

What is Mangú? Mangú is a Dominican traditional side dish served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mangú is made up of boiled (either ripe or green) plantains or green bananas. The plantains are then mashed with butter, margarine… Read More

Tropical Smoothie 🏝🌺

Yayyy it’s Monday!!!! New week, new day, new beginnings… I woke up early and started off my day with a yoga class. Then went back home and mixed up some fruits to create this delicious and creamy smoothie… Read More

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl | Batido De Pitaya en bol

I’m so in love with my breakfast, wondering if I should eat it or just admírate it lol 😂…. I guess i’ll just eat it lol, it smells and taste really good. I’ll leave the recipe bellow, so… Read More

Kiwi Detox Juice

Hey guys!!! I’m starting my Monday with this kiwi detox juice that looks and taste delicious!!😊😋 Ingredients 3 kiwis 🥝 1 green Apple 🍏 A hand full of baby spinach Juice from 1 lime or lemon 🍋 Some… Read More

Vegan Parmesan & Mozzarella Cheese

Hi guys!!, Here 2 of my favorite vegan cheese recipes! Yes, it taste like cheese! yes, it melts!!! How awesome?, I’m so glad i know about this recipes so of course i’ll share them with you!. Ingredients Parmesan… Read More