Histria Soler


Is this whole situation giving you anxiety? I’m not a psychologist or anything similar but we are in the same boat, I feel you. Your mental health is as important as the health of your body. If you… Read More

A few steps to a Healthier & Glowing Skin

Hey guys!!!! I’m so exited to introduce you to my new skincare routine, using Coco by Lolly products which are made from all natural ingredients including coconut oil ( made in firewood ),cocoa , and green tea– featuring… Read More

Camping at Rincón beach, Dominican Republic

Hey hey hey beautiful people!!! Last weekend I went camping at Samaná, Dominican Republic. It was awesome to experience the impressive emerald-colored river “caño Frío” that transforms into a popular natural pool where it meets the ocean at… Read More

Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam

Hey Guys!!! I hope everyone is doing great and wish you all a successful week. I just went to The Grand Canyon last week, and I felt in love. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful… Read More

How to style curly hair?

My curly hair routine I always get complements on my hair, and to be honest, who doesn’t like that lol ??😁 So for today’s tip, I’ve decided to share my curly hair routine with you. I use AVEDA… Read More

Being yourself never goes out of style

Sometimes i like to just sit and observe, and one thing I have noticed is how people lose themselves trying to be cool, trying to be like “?”, pretending to “…”, just so that “they fit”, just so… Read More