How to style curly hair?

My curly hair routine

I always get complements on my hair, and to be honest, who doesn’t like that lol ??😁
So for today’s tip, I’ve decided to share my curly hair routine with you.

I use AVEDA be curly. Ever since the first time i tried these products, i started to see the difference on my hair. They do wonders!; so, if you are struggling, not knowing how to keep your curls amazingly beautiful like mine…keep reading girl!!

To start off i wet my hair throughly with warm water; then I apply shampoo from roots to ends, massaging my scalp in a gentle back and forth motion to prevent from tangles.
I rinse my hair with abundant water, and apply conditioner from roots to ends as well.
Next I separate my hair in parts, detangle it with a comb from ends to roots, leave it alone for 2 minutes, and rinse again.
I take out the excess of water with a towel, and apply some of my be curly enhancer and be curly style-prep from roots to ends, starting at the back of my head. Then I just let it be!

Here is a link in case you want to check those products out.

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