Gratitude Jar

Happy New Years everyone!!!!

I woke up to 2019 feeling very grateful, so I decided to make a gratitude jar.

Wondering what that is?

I’ll say it’s a jar filled with positive thoughts, feelings, situations…etc. that have made you feel grateful at some point.

I’m starting mine today and I’ll open it if i am feeling down as the year goes by, and at the and of 2019. It is great to practice gratitude!

If you guys want to try it you can do a personal one or a family one ( it would be fun to open it and just experience together those little moments). Your body and mind will appreciate it.

It’s very easy to practice gratitude, you can write things like: I’m grateful for the person who made me laugh at the grocery store; I’m grateful for my best friend; I am grateful for the way I feel today….things like that. you write it down on a slip of paper and stick it in the jar.

We don’t always feel the same, so if one day you feel like writing 5 slips of paper do it, if you feel like writing one, do it, if you feel like opening it, open it. It’s your choice. Have fun with it!

I am grateful you are reading this, and wish health, success, and happiness for you and those around you. Have an AMAZING 2019.



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