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Life update!

It’s been so long since you last heard from me on here, so I thought that before any other post, you deserved a quick update about my life.

I spend most of last year In the Dominican Republic, it was a very productive time. Other than working, exploring, and spending quality time with my family, I took on swimwear making, fashion sustainability and Italian lessons. I also completed my studies in Fashion Design.

I’ll share some photos with you from this experiences!

Punta Arena, Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo
My favorite place!!!

I’m currently in London, working with Sapphire Models. I am very exited to be here and can’t wait to see what the future holds after this pandemic is over.

As of today I have been quarantined for a little over 3 weeks. I hope you all are home and safe,



Camping at Rincón beach, Dominican Republic

Hey hey hey beautiful people!!!

Last weekend I went camping at Samaná, Dominican Republic.

It was awesome to experience the impressive emerald-colored river “caño Frío” that transforms into a popular natural pool where it meets the ocean at the west end of Playa Rincón, a white sand beach that stretches about three to four kilometers and remains very secluded, far away from any resorts or hotels .

No wonder why this pice of paradise is rated one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

I had such a pleasant experience. The beautifulness of the place amazes me.

The weather was just perfect at all times,

and I felt very safe.

At least once in your life you must visit!!


Paris, Paris, Paris…what can I say?, Although I love the city, I had a very “interesting” experience.

I woke up very late, wore a red dress in the name of self love and took myself to a lunch date. I stopped by the Eiffel Tower to take a picture of it and a selfie (the only ones I got to take).

I went to a restaurant around there and had a delicious plate of veggies, fruits, and tea. ( I don’t drink wine or any alcoholic beverages ).

It started raining and I was hoping it would stop soon but it did not, so I ended up going back to sleep.

The next day was beautiful and I was so exited to go exploring early, so I did. I realise after I took off that my phone didn’t charge, and this time I didn’t have my charger, or any intention of going back for it. I took this photos before it died:I kept exploring for a bit, got a charger, another “unstoppable storm” started, and then it was time for me to head to Italy 🇮🇹!!!!!

A day in Amsterdam

woohooO!!! I’m finally back and so ready to keep telling you about my adventures. So let’s talk about Amsterdam.

Sitting down with my aunt in London, looking at the map and at tickets, I decided to go there about a day or two before I actually did. So heads up guys!! everything about it was soooo last minute.

I was in town for one day only. A day full of joy.

I got there very early in the morning and took the train to “Amsterdam Centraal”, on my way made a  friend (she was a Brazilian student) and we decided to go for breakfast together. We found a little cozy place not far from Amsterdam Centraal, it wasn’t vegan, but tea, juice, and a plate of fruit got me going.

At this point, I still had my carry on with me and had no idea about anything bc it was also my first time visiting. Yes.

There was a hotel by, I went to ask about staying there and it was fully booked. Luckily I overheard about lockers at Amsterdam central, and your girl who was just across the street had no plans, but definitely, wasting part of the morning looking for a hotel wasn’t it. Went there to ask, locked her stuff for about 💶€15, and off to explore. So fancy lmao. (It was very safe guys like you need your credit card and a code to open it). Consider it if you are going on a short trip.

I wore an oversized t-shirt, short leggings, and snickers, which was great to comfortably walk around the city all day. No make-up, only SPF20 sunscreen , and red lipstick.

On my bag: sunglasses, watch, beautifying oil, red lipstick, portable charger, passport, 💶 💳.

I spend the day exploring nonstop, and while The Anne Frank House and some museums are on my next list, I made it to tulips and art markets, independent shopping streets, canals, Museumplein, different parks, Red Light District (the energy there was sooo creepy), The Arty Jordaan, blah blah blah.

I loved how locals bike everywhere.       My beautiful hair expressing itself freely on this picture, right before I found the tastiest vegan place. 😋 🌱

Have I mentioned my cousin lives there?, so I got in touch and gladly no meter how last minute it was him and his family managed it to meet me around 4 pm (THANK YOU❤️, sorry I could not stay ), they showed me the rest of the city, we went for dinner and I headed to my next stop, France 🇫🇷 . Will tell you more on my next post.

If you have no rush and are just down to adventure like I was, once you get to Amsterdam you can take the train to “Amsterdam Centraal”, from there it’s easy to get to pretty much everywhere.


Hey guys!!!

I haven’t been posting lately🙈, but I have been traveling all over the place.

😁Yes, it’s been great!!!,

London is one of the places i went to, and while i have to confess that I didn’t get the best photos, i’ll still try to share some of them with you.

Here are some of them. Do not judge lol, i’ll take better ones next time.

img_9708-1London taxis


Big Ben

img_9704-1London Eye


622773d4-c872-4030-9410-6fe5b99c6cf4The red telephone box


Tower BridgeMy happy face after my first vegan gelato in London.


Hey Guys!!!

I hope everyone is doing great and wish you all a successful week.

I just went to The Grand Canyon last week, and I felt in love. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever been. Let me share some photos with you!

img_6733.jpg On the way! 🚘🏜

The Eagle Point 🦅

View of The Hualapai River from the top.

Me from the top!

Also on our way back from The Grand Canyon my friends and I stopped at the Hoover Dam, which is a concrete arch-gravity Dam in The Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Nevada and Arizona.