Being yourself never goes out of style


Sometimes i like to just sit and observe, and one thing I have noticed is how people lose themselves trying to be cool, trying to be like “?”, pretending to “…”, just so that “they fit”, just so they feel “they belong to a certain circle”, jus so that “circle” “accepts them”, just so …wt*?
In those moments, and still right now, i ask myself : Why?. Why do they do it?; why do I even care?, but it breaks my heart to see it happening.
I believe there is nothing more powerful than being yourself. What a powerful human him who knows himself, accepts himself, love himself, and owns himself.
I would love to pass on this message though generations. You gotta do what you gotta do?;
find yourself and be that. There’s nothing more powerful, sexier, and cooler than being you, just you, and that never runs out of style.

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