To protect the environment, and the rights of those in our production, and supply chain; one step, one person, one item at the time.


We envision a brand that uses the power of fashion to make a positive impact in the life of our planet, our team, our clients, and our community.



We embody the power of love. It is our duty to use our platform and our voice to protect our planet, and our community in every way within our reach.


We are committed to:

Respecting our natural resources through a sustainable mode of production.

Paying fair wages, and promoting a safe and positive work environment.

Allocating 10 % of our profits to supporting under privileged kids in The Dominican Republic.


We are led by our curiosity to find new and creative ways to make authentic, innovative, and hight quality clothing items.


We believe in the power of building strong relationships base on trust with our team, our suppliers, our clients and our community.

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About Me

My name is Histria Soler, I am a model and fashion designer from Las Matas de Farfan, a small town in the south of The Dominican Republic.

I’m a very active person. I love to explore, and my job allows me to travel, and explore different places, try different foods (i love cooking my own food as well), meet amazing people all the time, and to do many other things i love doing, like… mmm… I’ll let you find out what those things are along the way.

I have created this blog to express myself freely, share with you the things I like, and I want to inspired you to do what makes you happy, find yourself, and be who you are without fears. I mean…fears were just made to be overcome anyway.

…So, are you in yes or yes?, thank you for taking this ride with me, I truly appreciate it!

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