Is this whole situation giving you anxiety?

I’m not a psychologist or anything similar but we are in the same boat, I feel you.

Here takes off my personal opinion;

It’s been weeks and even months since we all are quarantined. There are things you can’t control; like when this is going to be over. So, let’s focus on what you can control; The media you are consuming, what you do with your time…
This situation is uncertain to all of us, and as an individual, you have the right to handle it in a completely different way than others. Being that said, #stayhome, be productive if you want to, sleep if you want to, jump, dance if you have to, call your friends, read, text…do what helps you feel good.

Your mental health is as important as the health of your body. If you are experiencing pressure due to expectations of any kind, remember that expectations are not your problem, that’s the problem of those who expect.

Don’t dare ether to sabotage yourself worrying about what others do or don’t on social media, even salt looks like sugar some times.😉

There is no pattern base on your body, age, social status, ethnicity…on how you should handle this situation, we are each different from one another.

#Weareinthistoguether, stay home, respect, and appreciate who is by your side, give yourself love.
If you can’t control, you might as well let go.

L O V E 💕 ,


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I'm a model from The Dominican Republic. As a part of my job I constantly travel, and meet new people, which is amazing. I love to keep it up with a healthy lifestyle and some other things, and I've created this blog to share my day by day experience with you.

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