Minnesota State Fair

Hey guys!!

Today i went to The Minnesota State Fair which is the largest state fair in the United States by average daily attendance.

It is so fun and beautiful, no wonder why I had an amazing time there.

Residents of the state and many other places come to the fair to be entertained, exhibit their products , show off their art, and enjoy many different types of food.

I specially felt in love with this vintage bag designed and made by Selina Vaughan ( http://www.selinavaughan.etsy.com ); by the way an amazing human who didn’t mind me playing and posing around for a decent time until I found the winner XD.

This can be use as a cross body or as a bag pack. How cool is that???

So yeah, it came home with me.🤗

I have a new adventures companion.💖

It fits a laptop and a couple of other things, and it’s very comfy.

Here is the next one that cachet my eyes!

I really like it, specially to wear with denim… you know, unique cool stuff.

And this one I kind of want to wear with white high waisted shorts, fun simple v neck, Rayban Wayfarer, toms , and go!

This Halos were actually fun!

How about this hand made baskets and hats from Ghanacrazy.com ?

They are so cool, and the owners Tom & Rene’ Omlid are very personable, you will love buying from them.

I loved this stand!

The way Richard & Linda Hamilton transform trash into art is very creative.

Now let’s check somo of the crochet horses and murals.

Actually I didn’t eat all of the food lol.

Everything looked good, but as a vegan I was only able to eat their fresh French Fries. 🍟 They were delicious .😋

The fair runs for twelve days from late August into early September, ending on Labor Day.

I might be back before it ends, and will take a bunch of photos to share with you guys.

The Minnesota State Fair was named the best state fair in the United States in 2015 by readers of USA today.


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I'm a model from The Dominican Republic. As a part of my job I constantly travel, and meet new people, which is amazing. I love to keep it up with a healthy lifestyle and some other things, and I've created this blog to share my day by day experience with you.

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