Histria Soler?

Hey guys!

My name is Histria Soler, I was born in the south of The Dominican Republic, and i am currently living in the United States, working as a model.

I’m a very active person, but most of all I love to explore.l My  job allows me to travel, and explore different places, try different foods, meet amazing people all the time, and to do many other things that i love. This things are, mmm… well, i’ll let you find out what those things are along the way.

I have created this blog to express myself freely, and I want to inspired you to do what it takes to find yourself and be who you are without fears. I mean…fears were just made to be overcome anyway.

…So, are you in yes or yes?, thank you for taking this ride with me, I truly appreciate it!

Let’s see how fun it gets!



Hola chicos!!

Mi nombre es Histria Soler, nací en el sur de La República Dominicana 🇩🇴 y actualmente vivo en Los Estados Unidos 🇺🇸, trabajando como modelo.

Soy una persona muy activa. Me gusta explorar, y mi trabajo me permite viajar, conocer diferentes lugares, probar diferentes comidas ( me encanta cocinar mi propia comida ), conocer personas maravillosas todo el tiempo, y hacer muchas otras cosas que me encanta hacer; como…mmm…te voy a dejar saber cuáles son esas cosas en el camino.

Creé este blog para expresarme libremente, compartir contigo las cosas que me gustan e inspirarte a hacer lo que te hace felíz, encontrarte a ti mismo y ser quien eres sin miedo. De todos modos, los miedos se hicieron para ser superados.

Entonces?, me sigues si o sí?😁 gracias por tomar este viaje conmigo, lo aprecio!


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I'm a model from The Dominican Republic. As a part of my job I constantly travel, and meet new people, which is amazing. I love to keep it up with a healthy lifestyle and some other things, and I've created this blog to share my day by day experience with you.

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